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Process of engagement

A client begins their service selection process by contacting the framework management team (email: capps@manchester.gov.uk, tel 0161 219 6213).  Clients, other than Manchester City Council, will also be required to accept the provisions of and sign an Access Agreement document.

The CAPPS management team will then issue a consultant information ‘e-pack’ for the applicable Lot(s) to allow the selection to take place. Clients will be provided with a password to access further information (i.e., OJEU, Framework Agreements, Consultant Listings). In order to obtain the specific consultant pricing and contact details, the client will be expected to provide a commission description including an outline of service(s) required per Lot/discipline.

The e-pack contains:
•    Consultants’ original tender scores and rankings for relevant Lot
•    Consultants’ contact details for relevant Lot
•    Commercial information and framework rates for relevant discipline
•    Further completion template
•    Information relating to Social Value commitments

Due to the sensitive commercial nature of the information contained within the e-packs, the selection process outlined in this Manual must be adhered to due to; therefore, the e-packs will be issued only on a commission specific basis.