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  • All client officers and consultants working for the client are responsible for understanding and fully complying with all of the terms and conditions of the CAPPS Framework Agreement, ‘call-off contracts’

  • Non-Manchester City Council clients must sign an Access Agreement

  • Engage with Consultants in selecting services in accordance with the CAPPS Framework Agreement

  • Communicate with the CAPPS management team as prescribed in this Manual in terms of notifying your appointment of a consultant and fee value for commission and giving feedback on each commission on Consultants performance.

  • Undertake supplementary financial checks at the time of selection to satisfy your organisation that the financial status of Consultantsunder consideration remains positive at that time.

  • The nature of each CAPPS service call-offis bespoke; the client team is responsible for obtaining appropriate level financial checks

  • Improve service by discussion and debate with the CAPPS management team

  • To inform/ report CAPPS management team of any issues with a contractor which may cause them to reject the contractor occur

  • Clients should also inform CAPPS management team of any major disputes that may take place