About us

The CAPPS Framework has been procured by Manchester City Council for their use and for other public sector organisations. It is an overarching agreement through which Manchester City Council and other organisations can select a service or services from a range of providers and enter into an individual contract/ agreement with that provider, according to the terms and conditions of the Framework Agreement.  

Common Principles & Objectives

  • Client behaviours to be such as to enable consultants to maximise highest levels of service delivery

  • For every £1 spent maximise client value and benefit and deliver value for money

  • To deliver a high quality, client-focussed service at all times

  • To work in a collaborative manner

  • To support client values and objectives

  • To deliver Social Value benefits in line with tendered commitments

  • To learn and continuously improve

The framework provides for the streamlined and OJEU-compliant procurement of professional services relating to the following 21 specialist areas of work.